Pet Preventive Care Checklist

Preventive care is the best way to ensure that your pet stays healthy throughout their life. Today, our San Diego vets provide some preventive care tips that will help keep your pet happy and healthy.

Preventive Care for Dogs

Many things will need to be managed at home and College Animal Hospital with our vets. It is good to know what needs to be done, and how often.

These are things that will need to be taken care of by a professional:

These are things that will need to be taken care of at home. 

  • Exercising -- your dog needs a lot of exercise like daily walks, and plenty of outside time
  • Feeding -- your dog will thrive if they have a consistent feeding schedule
  • Cleaning -- it is important to clean your dog at home in between professional grooming to maintain their clean coat.

Preventive Care for Cats

Just like with dogs, your cats will need to have routine care from both our College Animal Hospital vets and you at home.

These are things that will be managed by a professional:

Cats need a few extra things at home because they may not have outside time like a dog but will still need exercise.

These are the things you can set up at your home:

  • Play and exercise -- your cat may sleep a lot but they do require playtime and exercise. It's important to make sure they have enough space to run around.
  • Feeding -- like dogs, cats prefer to be fed at the same time each day. So having a feeding schedule is important.
  • Cleaning -- your cat will clean itself regularly, but if you notice a lack of cleaning you will want to contact the vet right away, this could be a sign of something more serious.
  • Housing -- cats need to have a "home" inside your home. Something they can climb on, scratch, and sleep in.
  • Toys -- toys are important for cats as well. They love toys that stimulate their mind.

Is your cat or dog due for a check-up at the vet? Contact our San Diego vets to book an appointment for your companion.